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Medallion Wireless - Our Services

Our Services

What We Offer

We excel at all aspects of Stakeholder engagement including Site Selection through Municipal Approval & Permitting. Medallion is one of the most respected teams in Telecom by exceeding expectations on many high profile, and high priority projects such as the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Build.

Having worked with all major carriers in Canada, we have gained the experience, market knowledge, and relationships that make us a leader in Telecom throughout Canada.

  • Cellular (Macrocell, Microcell, Picocell, Small cell, & DAS), Wireline, Wi-Fi, utility and Fiber networks. Rooftops, towers, as well as in-build DAS in shopping centers, hotels, motels, convention centers, airports, hospitals etc.
  • Scheduling of site visits/site selection
  • Preparing and obtaining fully executed agreements
  • Coordinating the delivery and approval of site drawings/surveys
  • Adhering to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) guidelines or protocols including: mailing notification packages, advertising newspaper announcements, preparing, coordinating, independently staffing and hosting public meetings and/or open houses, tracking responses and providing reports & more
  • Working with cities, towns and/or municipalities to obtain land use authority/issuance of concurrence (including, if required, presenting before Counsel)
  • Obtain any required permits for development and construction
  • Transport Canada and Nav Canada approvals
  • Administrative support from data entry/accounting to customer service to management
  • Review of existing agreements and new drawings/survey (as applicable)
  • Renewal, extension and/or Termination of Agreements
  • Facilitating renewal of Agreements in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Preparing amendments/renewal documents and delivering fully executed documentation
  • Terminating Agreements ensuring that Terms & Conditions of the existing Agreement are adhered to
  • Scheduling of site visits and liaising with Construction team regarding site surrender strategies and site specific scopes of work
  • Removing registered charges against land titles as required
  • Administrative support from data entry/accounting to customer service to management